A Moment of Love

So much uncertainty hangs like a dark cloud over all of us. Never in my lifetime have I been so impacted by life events, the pandemic and racial issues. Having to shelter in place brought a lack of safety and security, disconnection from community and family, and deep loneliness. There was a longing for predictability. Many nights were spent praying and crying out to the Lord, “How long, Lord? How Long?” This unknown in the air was killing people. We didn’t have a weapon to fight it.

Then the racial issues came to the forefront once again with a vengeance. Peaceful protesters were met with those whose only agenda was to destroy, loot, and take advantage of the situation. All around me there were riots and angry people. My lack of safety grew. Am I safe anywhere? I often retreated back to my home only venturing out for work.

As the stay at home ordered lifted, doctor visits and important medical tests that had been canceled for months became a necessity. In a recent “outing” for medical tests, I had an experience that I will never forget.

With lab work done, I headed to the elevator. I was very cautious about what I touched. As I was impatiently waiting for the elevator, I noticed down the hall an African American mom trying to keep up with her active toddler. In a blink of an eye, the toddler ran towards me and grabbed my legs in a hug. He looked up at me with his big, brown eyes and his enormous smile. Out of his mouth came the words, “Grandma” as he giggled. It was a moment of love that we shared, a white old lady and a little brown boy. His mom apologized as she whisked him away. ‘No need to apologize. I have grandchildren,” I answered. In the midst of racial unrest, this innocent child only saw “Grandma” not color.

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  1. Wow! From the beginning to the end, this post tugged at my heart and made me shed a tear. From the uncertainty of the massive life-taking pandemic, to the unnecessary death and civil unrest, to God showing His love for and to you in the midst. This post is Pow-wer-ful! You paint a graphic picture that makes me see things from a different perspective. Thank you.

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