Peace on Earth?

December, 2010

Dear Friends:

In this joyous season of celebrating Christ’s birth, not every home is filled with “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.” False peace reigns which has come with a high price; loss of life, loss of security, loss of safety, and loss of hope.

A small child sits alone in her dark bedroom gazing out of her window at the twinkling Christmas lights. A glistening tear trickles down the side of her face as she leans forward rocking back and forth clutching her doll. The chill of the night sends goose bumps up her arms. Sadness permeates her body as she slumps into her bed. Sleep is aloof as her thoughts turn to Christmas morning. She shudders at the memory of the last year’s Christmas. Fear begins to rise as she remembers how angry daddy was. She wonders if daddy will like his presents this year. They were picked out to his specification. She glances over at the special ornament she made for him and wonders if he will destroy it as he did her Christmas drawing. As sleep overtakes her, she is left with the question. “What am I doing to make daddy so mad all the time?”

Just like this little girl, children every day experience the consequences of domestic abuse. None of this did they cause. As they grow into their teen years, they have learned a very unhealthy lifestyle. During teen years, they turn to their peers for guidance instead of those who possess wisdom. Some are angry and some withdrawn taking the pain they feel inside out on themselves and others. The cycle of abuse continues. We see their pain and are willing to invest in their lives.

We want to invite you to partner with us as we invest in the lives of teens and children planting the truths of God’s Word and guiding them to God’s purpose for their lives. Currently we have outgrown our facility and are seeking a donated location in order to fulfill the tremendous need. Join with us to change the lives of this present generation by making a tax deductible gift or monthly pledge of $30, $50, $100 or more. Ongoing monthly support assists us in going forward in the vision God has given us. Donations can also be made online. Thank you for partnering with us. We covet your prayers.

Warmest regards,
Paula Silva

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