Seasons of Evil Spiritual Forces

En Espanol Temporadas de las Fuerzas Espirituales Malvadas


“The state of matrimony is hard, no matter what way you look at it. No matter the angle, the level; or from whose perspective, marriage is hard, but it can be rewarding if you do the necessary work prior to committing your life/self to the opposite sex. God said marriage is between a man and a woman…no ifs, ands, or anything else.

People are mis-informed if they believe that they can magically blend two opposite personalities, two completely different backgrounds, two different life-styles, two individual spirits, or two incomes together, seamlessly, without glitches. As Pastor Shannon is fond of saying, “You can’t be insecure, selfish or weak, and sustain a marriage the way God originally intended.” In other words, you can’t be no punk!

I used to naively and fairytailishy (Yvonne’s dictionary) believe that love alone would be sufficient to make marriage work. (I know, you’re shaking your head/rolling your eyes/clucking your tongue.) I used to believe that if the two were believers in Christ, all they had to do when they had problems was to go to God’s word and everything would be honky dory. After all, who can go against God’s word in a relationship where you both believe in him? Again…boy was I naïve!!! Guess I didn’t consider that because of God’s omniscience, love and sovereignty, he granted us something we practice freely. He granted us something called free will. That nasty little phrase, free will, gets us into trouble every time.

I believe that God created and ordained marriage, so He’s the one who knows exactly what marriage needs to thrive and be fruitful. If the two of you do not submit to God’s word, even after it’s been pointed out to you, and you don’t have a firm foundation (some believe that you have to be best friends before you marry in order to have a firm foundation), your marriage will stagnate and possibly die.

If you’re considering marriage, which is supposed to be ‘until death do you part’, my suggestion is that you get clarity on exactly what marriage is. Do everything you can—study it, learn about it, and make sure that you and your intended mate are on the same page. You must do some serious soul searching by taking a serious look inside to see what you’re working with. Fess up to who you really are…it’s called transparency. After all, if you’re not honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with anyone else.

If you’re in doubt or denial about who you are, or if that little voice inside of you (spirit/intuition, first mind, etc.) isn’t making you harmonized or making you do cartwheels about yourself, STOP. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00; this is not Monopoly. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else. To love yourself means to accept yourself as you are and to come to terms with those aspects of yourself that you cannot change. It means to have self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance. It means having a healthy regard for yourself knowing that you are a worthy human being. You do so by investing in and working on your personal growth and development.

It is imperative that you find out who you are. What makes you tick? How do others see you? Is your way the only way to do things? Please get clarity! Let me assure you that admitting to your own shortcomings and inadequacies, like the need to control the other person, is something that needs to be eradicated BEFORE, Proceeding, Prior to, marriage.

Don’t assume you know what the other person is thinking or is going to do. Assuming gets us in trouble…every time. Believe me, I know. The other person’s thoughts and actions come from their own realities and is, at times, projected onto you.

Take stock in what your beliefs are in order to find out who and whose you are. Take every pre-marital test there is. Determine if you are ready to repeatedly forgive without building resentment on the inside. Compromise. Trust and respect each other. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can’t always take offense, or be offensive? You cannot expect your spouse to supply your every need, make you happy, or supernaturally know how to communicate in your language. Be ready to accept the fact that the other person has a mind too, and will (ninety-five percent of the time) do things totally opposite from the way you do them.

These days, when two people decide that they’re going to spend their lives together, I don’t think they really know what they are getting themselves into. There is hope though, as you will find through reading about the trials and triumphs of Nolan and Helene.

Nolan and Helene Jeremiah

One day the members of the heavenly court came to present themselves before the Lord, and the Accuser, Satan, came with them. “Where have you come from?” the Lord asked Satan.

Satan answered the Lord, “I have been patrolling the earth, watching everything that’s going on.”

Then the Lord asked Satan, “Have you considered Helene and Nolan Jeremiah? They are a struggling married couple, but because of their trials, they will prosper. Not only will their marriage flourish, they’ll serve Me.”

Satan replied to the Lord, “Yes, but they have good reason to fear God. You have always put a wall of protection around them and their home and children. You have made them prosper in everything they do. Look how rich they are! But reach out and take away everything they have, and they will surely curse you to your face and become one more divorce statistic!”

“All right, you may test them,” the Lord said to Satan. “Do whatever you want with everything they possess, but don’t harm them physically.” 

When Satan left the Lord’s presence, he immediately set about his task to wreak havoc in the lives of Helene and Nolan. He relished in using one of his most treasured modes of operation: he used doubt and lies to confuse their minds. In other words, he lied to them at every turn possible to get them to war against themselves and each other.

Sometime in the past…

Shots rang out, causing her to immediately duck behind a car in the parking garage, as a distressing negative sensation of impending danger assaulted her. Yet, instinctively, she moved closer to the voices she heard while thinking to herself, I hope I’m not going to regret this.

One voice was deep and had an Italian accent. Looking around, he said to his partner in crime, “There’re no witnesses, let’s go.” The other voice was between a soprano and a tenor with a nasally sound. “We need to make sure she’s dead.” He shot his target again, this time at close range. Bang! Bang!

She heard two more shots and cringed. Then a body hit the ground, landing on its back.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story

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