Seasons of Evil Spiritual Forces Episode 2

En Espanol  Temporadas de las Fuerzas Espirituales Malvadas – Continuado

At the end of the last episode

She heard two more shots and cringed. Then a body hit the ground, landing on its back. It appeared to happen in slow motion, right before her eyes. She recoiled as she saw blood oozing out of the forehead and mouth of the now deceased. Wait, she thought to herself. I’ve seen her before on television. Oh my gosh, that’s General Valerie Ortega!

Looking in the direction of the voices she heard afforded her a good look at the killers. Italian accent wore a blue pea coat, shiny black shoes, and had a tattoo of a red cross on the side of his neck. Nasal man wore cuffed chinos, had a spider tattoo on the back of his left hand, the shooting hand, and wore thick rectangle-shaped glasses. She would never forget that voice. “Come on, I said, let’s go!” They both looked around one more time, each lifting the back of their jackets, and tucking their guns inside the waistbands.

She held her breath and became as still as a statue. Crouching by the car for another 15 minutes, afraid to, but feeling compelled to move, she inched forward ever so slowly, like a Sloth. Peeking around the fender of the midnight blue Chevy Blazer, she allowed herself a shallow breath. After waiting another ten minutes she allowed herself to move. Going around the back of a different car gave her a better vantage point. They were gone. Phew. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed 911.


Chapter One

“I hate you! Just the sight of you makes me sick.” Satan whispered in Helene’s ear…Look at him, sitting in that recliner. His usual spot every day he comes home. It even has permanent indentation marks where his head fit perfectly. Did you see the grooves in the footrest? Fits him like a glove. He thinks that all he has to do is go to work and leave everything else to you. “Every time I look at you, my stomach knots up, and I want to throw up!” Helene screamed at her husband Nolan. “I wish I’d never met you!” Again, Satan whispered in her ear… That’s right keep going. He deserves everything you can verbally annihilate him with. You are the one who enhances his life. Where would he be without you? Try as she might, she couldn’t stop the flow of ugly words from spewing from her lips. Satan kept supplying fuel to her mental furnace, heating up injurious words and forcing them, with ease, from her lips.

“My mother told me not to marry you anyway! She said that I’d be marrying beneath me. Satan was enjoying this conversation, again he egged her on… Good. Good. That was a good one! Assault his sense of self-worth. “And another thing, you don’t support me financially, or otherwise. You always spend every cent in our account. We almost lost our house twice, but I stopped it from happening! Me!! If I had continued to let you handle our finances, I’m positive you would have destroyed us financially and we would have never recovered. We’d be living in a cardboard box.”

He’s never home. Ninety percent of the time, he’s at the office, or so he says. Satan continued whispering in Helene’s ear and she kept feeding off of it. She continued shouting at her husband… “You’re never home, and on the rare occasions that you are home, you’re tuned out. Does the television ever go off? I think that when you walk into the room, it automatically comes on because it knows you’ve arrived. When something goes wrong here, in this house,” with her hand she emphasized the expanse of the house, “I have to fix it. Not you!” She hooked her pointer finger and middle finger in the air, emphasizing her words, “I may as well be the man, since I fix everything here! The last time you call yourself fixing the drain for the kitchen sink, I had to call the plumber! I should have known when you chose the wrong wrench that you didn’t know what you were doing!”

Nolan stared at Helene. If looks could kill and left no marks, he’d have gotten away with the perfect murder.

Why doesn’t he spend any time with the kids? Do they even know him? Her voice began to escalate even higher. Standing in front the television, she continued with her tirade taking in everything the devil said and using it against her husband. “You don’t spend any time with our kids! I’m raising them alone. They have two parents at home and still only one is raising them! If you wanted to be single, you should have never asked me to marry you. In fact, I might as well be a single parent.” Satan couldn’t resist intruding again I her thoughts…That’s right. You tell him. Right after you got married, his conquering spirit ended. “You used to date me. Ha! When was the last time you planned an outing for us? Huh, Nolan?” Helene was so angry with her husband that she could spit steel-tipped darts at him. “I’m afraid to leave our kids with you. They’d probably starve to death!”

Who cleans up around here? “Look at this place! It’s a mess.” She walked over to the television, wiped her finger across its base and wrote the words clean me in the dust. “If I didn’t clean the dishes they would sit in the sink and smell up the entire house! You see the garbage just like me! Every time you go to put the remnants of your junk food in there, you can hardly put the top back on, but what do you do?

Do you change the bag? No! Even when I ask you for help, you find some excuse to hide behind! Don’t even let me get started talking about the laundry and how it sits in the washer and mildews because you are too lazy to lift a finger to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer!” You have a good point there. The washer and the dryer are right next to each other.

All he does is watch sports. “All you’re interested in is watching sports! If it’s not football, it’s some other thing having to do with a ball! And you just had to have the top of the line Quantum Series 5G with surround sound. Who is Insignia anyway? Every time you press the remote for the motorized stand, just so that you can adjust the viewing angle, the lights dim because it takes up so much power. I’ll bet it’s insured at a higher rate of return than your wife and kids!”

She didn’t care who heard what she said. Humph! Good. They would agree with what she said if they lived in ‘this’ house with ‘this’ man. Humph! She crossed her arms against her chest and stared at him in defiance. Satan laughed. You told him good!

Nolan sat in his chair fuming and impatiently waiting for Helene to finish, all the while listening as Satan formulated his thoughts for the venom that would spew from his lips. It was Satan’s turn to get into Nolan’s ear… She has no right to yell at you. That’s just plain disrespectful. You’re going to let her treat you like that? You make sure to make her feel very low when it’s your turn. He gave her a taste of her own medicine. He was in total attack mode, having absorbed everything in that she said like a sponge, and when he couldn’t take being disrespected any more, he spoke.

Stay tuned.

It’s unfortunate how the devil uses people’s minds against them. When he interferes with your thoughts and they flow from your lips you can do irreparable damage. Is this happening in your marriage?

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