Seasons of Evil Spiritual Forces | Episode 3

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En Espanol Temporadas de las Fuerzas Espirituales Malvadas Episodio 3


“Woman! Who are you yelling at? You hate me, huh! Wish you never met me, huh! And I do have a job…”

She jumped on that. “You call that a job? Since when has being at the bedside of terminally ill people during their last days even become a job? You’re a lowly hospice worker.” The way her nose crinkled when she said “lowly” made it sound like he shoveled horse manure for a living. “It’s so depressing!” Again, the devil intervened in Helene’s thoughts… He’s just pitiful. You don’t need him as your husband, you can do bad all by yourself.

“Because you are head nurse at two hospitals makes your job more important than mine? I don’t think so!” The devil was an equal opportunity devil, he slithered into Nolan’s thoughts, too. Who does she think worked three jobs for three years before you married her? Who saved their money to buy the house, and everything in it? “Who do you think put this $50,000,000 roof over our heads? I see you had no problem moving in here after we married.” You sure told her. Who cares if your kids hear? They’ll be fine. “I’m the one who puts the kids to bed every night! What are you doing while I’m putting them to bed? You’re busy texting your friends. What kind of mother tells their children they’ll be right in to tuck them in, and never makes it? You selfish…”

“You most definitely do not raise our kids alone.” That’s right. She’s a no- good mother and you know it. If you had wanted your mother to run your life, you’d have stayed at home. “You want to know the real reason I’m always watching television? Huh! It’s to get away from you! I don’t need you telling me how to do everything. I got along fine before I met you. Believe it or not, I supported myself, I fed myself, I paid my own bills. I even had a life before I married you!

With that, he stood up and got in her face; spittle flying from his lips. “And furthermore if you can’t appreciate your man, huh, then I know someone who will. I don’t have to put up with this!” Now she’ll think you’re cheating on her. She deserves to think it, even though it’s not true. Maybe she’ll straighten up if she believes that she’ll be replaced. “I’m outta here,” Nolan said as he stormed to the hall closet to get his coat. He snatched if off the hanger so hard that the hanger flew up into the air, then smacked down hard on the ceramic tile floor and then flew two rooms down the hall.

He’s leaving, just like a kid would do. That’s sad. Helene was on his heels, a bit calmer now that she realized his intent to leave. She lowered her voice, but the acidic tone was still crystal clear. “Just where do you think you are going?! Just as always, when things get a little heated, what is the first thing you do? Run. You always run away. That’s what children do, Nolan, so I guess you’re right in your element!”

Tell him that he’s not a real man. “A real man wouldn’t run away. A real man would know just what to do and what to say to make this situation turn around.”

Nolan turned to face her. He had his last say at the door with one hand on the doorknob. Lowering his voice almost to a whisper, he said, “Oh, so I’m not a real man? So, your mother told you not to marry me. That’s cool.” You don’t need her sarcasm. She’s simply an aggravation. “That’s cool because I have somewhere to go. I have someone who could school you on the type of man I am.” Woohoo, that’s a good one. “Someone who knows exactly what I like and the way I like it. She even knows how to treat me. She lets a man feel like he’s a man. She trusts that I can make intelligent decisions. And it’s obvious,” he paused for emphasis “it ain’t you. You frigid, insecure, little self-centered woman. So step off before I do something I will regret.” You told her! Ha Ha! With that, he opened the door, took off his wedding band, dropped it on the floor and slammed the door so hard he broke one of the six windowpanes to the garage door. His wedding band circled slowly, as if to accentuate the ugliness of what was happening, then rolled and landed right at Helene’s feet.

I know you’re not going to let him get away with that! She was so angry that her breathing came in fast, heavy pants. She could feel her blood pressure rise. A lone tear found its way from her eye and the skin above her lip had developed a sheen of sweat. Her breathing became quicker and harder. That’s when she jerked the door open, determined to get the last word in. “And don’t you ever come back, you sorry excuse for a man!”

Before she was even able to close the door, she heard the car’s tires screeching. Quietly closing the door, she slumped down to the floor, and allowed the tears to flow generously. She was crying because she was tired, defeated, and hurt. She was tired of all of the arguments they’d had in the last two years of their six-year marriage. They couldn’t connect and work things out for some reason. 

Chapter  Two

At the top of the black wrought iron winding staircase, the four-year-old twins sat in their footed pajamas. Jennifer was dressed in pink. Her little shoulder seemed attached to her brothers. She sat sucking her thumb, eyes closed tightly, and if you listened closely, you could hear whimpering sounds coming from her. She rocked back and forth while holding tightly to Dree (short for Andrea), her pink teddy bear. Even a four-year-old could tell when mommy and daddy were mad at each other. Jaspar, dressed in blue, the elder by two minutes, put his finger to his lips and shushed his sister, and in his deep voice, the voice of an old man he said, “be alright, gone be alright.” He was already used to his parents arguing. Sadly, he was forced to take on the role of Jennifer’s protector.

 All cried out, Helene stood slowly rubbing away what felt like needles from her legs. Once the circulation returned, she walked down the long hall to the stairs leading up to their second level. Just as she cleared the first landing, she saw the twins sitting and staring at her. She thought they were asleep. When she reached the top, she sat and gathered them in her arms. She was anguished. She thought to herself, kids aren’t supposed to hear their parents argue all of the time.

“Come on babies,” she took each child by a hand and led them to her bedroom. They all got into the king-sized bed and held onto each other. Then she tried soothing them. “Gone be all right, babies,” she said in her most soothing voice. “Gone be alright.” What have I done to these poor children? After a while of rocking and cooing with dried tears on their faces, they all fell into an exhausted sleep.

For months, they had no contact with each other. Nolan figured that he would give them both time to cool down. Helene was mad at him for not calling and checking on the kids. She could handle him not speaking to her, but the kids, well that was just plain ‘ol mean.

Neither wanted their friends or family to know what had happened, so they hid their current situation as best they could.

Helene, needing to talk out her feelings, sought people she thought cared for her. People she knew wouldn’t spread gossip. Nolan, having no place else to go besides his family, sought refuge at a co-worker’s house.


The next day, Helene called a ‘single friend.’ She began the conversation with, “If I tell you something, you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?”


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