Employment Opportunities

Employment OpportunitiesFOCUS Ministries is an equal opportunity provider to our global clients as we minister to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our vision is to offer extended services at our future Hope and Healing Campus which includes:

  • Women’s Center for counseling, support groups, discipleship, job training, financial and legal services
  • Transitional Housing in which residents could choose to have a job on the campus
  • TEEN FOCUS Center for counseling, support groups, and discipleship
  • Children’s Center for play therapy, counseling, support groups, and discipleship
  • Women’s Retreat Center with lodging and meeting rooms plus a place for women in DV to get away for a few days
  • Teen Retreat Center with lodging and meeting rooms
  • Conference Center for seminars, workshops, conferences, and trainings
  • Chapel for worship services, prayer, and quiet reflection
  • Dining Hall with Living Water Lake (based on the story of the woman at the well in which Jesus gave her living water)
  • FOCUS Administration Building

We are looking for the following part-time position to move our vision forward.

Part-time Development Coordinator
Job Description:

  • Develop relationships with businesses, churches and individuals to gain financial support for Focus Ministries
  • Develop ways to increase annual funds
  • Develop major gifts
  • Conducts Grant and Foundation Searches for Funding Opportunities
  • Writes grants and manages them
  • Identifies, contacts and follows up with donor prospects
  • Assists Board in developing Annual Fundraising Plan
  • Develops and directs all fundraisers
  • Works with PR and Marketing Coordinator on direct mail campaigns
  • Retains communication with present donors
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Previous experience is necessary.

Besides ministering to clients, FOCUS Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to educating the Christian community about domestic abuse and abusive relationships as it relates to faith issues. There are openings for Part-time Trainers for our full day seminars (Partners in the Journey and Faith Based Domestic Violence Certificate Trainings) and our 3 hour courses.

Part-Time Trainer
Job Description:

  • Has completed domestic abuse training
  • Knowledge of Biblical Scriptures
  • Experience with presentations
  • Can develop courses and interactive presentations
  • Communication skills
  • Team player
  • Works well with attendees and team

FOCUS Course Topics

  1. Training 1 – DV 101
    • What is domestic violence
    • Types of abuse
    • Signs of Abuse
  2. Training 2
    • Profile of an Abuser
    • Inside the Mind of an Abuser
  3. Training 3
    • Profile of a Victim
    • Why does she stay
    • Impact of abuse on a victim
  4. Training 4
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Counseling
    • Signs He’s Changed
    • Helper Vs. Rescuer
  5. Training 5
    • Teen Dating Violence
    • Bullying/Cyber Bulling
  6. Other topics
    • DV in the Workplace
    • What the Church Can/Should Do
    • Cultural responses to DV
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Effects of DV on Children
    • Order of Protection and legal system
    • Elder Abuse

Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse in the lives of our children is of utmost importance. To prevent them from repeating the cycle, FOCUS is committed to educating our tweens and teens regarding abusive relationships and instructing them on the dynamics of healthy relationships. To achieve this goal, we are in need of someone to develop further our TEEN FOCUS Program.

Part-Time TEEN FOCUS Program Coordinator
Job Description:

  • Develop an overall plan for the teen program
  • Revise TEEN FOCUS curriculum as necessary
  • Market teen curriculum
  • Develop brochure on teen dating violence/healthy relationships
  • Develop and present workshops, classes, seminars, webinars for teens and parents of teens
  • Develop a teen dating relationship DVD with teens from churches or Christian schools
  • Establish contacts with churches, youth pastors, organizations (Care Net, Awana, K-Life, etc.), and schools
  • Develop youth Bible studies regarding relationships, finding their purpose, discovering who they are, etc.
  • Establish contests for teens in regard to DVD’s, T-Shirts, posters, etc.
  • Develop a training seminar for those who want to work with teens
  • Develop Power Point presentations
  • Ability to maintain private and confidential correspondence

If you reside in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, and believe you may be qualified for one of the positions, please contact Paula Silva at contactus@focusministries1.org or call 630-617-0088 to request more information.