Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Here you will find a wealth of information both for those who are abused and those who want to help. Follow the links below for more information and online order forms, and see the additional ordering options listed at the bottom of the page if you would prefer to order by mail or are shopping internationally.

FOCUS Ministries’ Resources

  • Articles
    Browse through our extensive collection of insightful, practical, transformational, and scripturally-sound articles about domestic violence and related issues. FREE downloads.
  • Booklets & Manuals
    Written by professional counselors and educators, FOCUS Ministries offers crucial resources for leaders that include a “FOCUS Resource Manual,” “Manual on Domestic Violence,” “Pastor’s Guide to Dealing with Domestic Violence,” and our new “Teen FOCUS” curriculum. Suggested donations may be found on the order form.
  • Newsletters
    The FOCUS Newsletter is a monthly publication that is filled with encouragement and practical information on how to cope with difficult situations. It offers hope amid the pain, and points the readers to Jesus Christ as the stability and focal point of their lives. FREE downloads.
  • Support Group Information
    FOCUS Ministries offer supports groups nationwide and is always looking to add new ones. Find out about our current listings as well what to do if you may be interested in starting a FOCUS Support Group in your area.

Additional resources FOCUS Ministries recommends include:

  • Books
    With endless books to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth investing in? Check out FOCUS Ministries’ recommended books, all of which can be ordered online following the links provided.
  • Websites
    Looking for more information and encouragement? Here you will find links to other websites you may find helpful.

Additional ordering options: