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Manual on Domestic Violence

Specific information on the dynamics of domestic violence. Topics include: What is domestic violence? Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, Profile of an Abuser, Profile of a Victim, Why Women Stay, Options for Victims, Developing a Safety Plan, What you can do to help. Includes helpful resources and list of domestic violence agencies in each state.

Pastor’s Guide to Dealing with Domestic Violence

Topics include: Signs of Abuse, Characteristics of an Abuser, Do’s and Don’ts in Counseling, Holding the Abuser Accountable, Protecting the Victim, Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, Proactive Ministry, Referrals, Scripture References, Worship Resources, What the Church Can do, and more.

FOCUS Resource Manual

Contains over 8 years of topical articles from FOCUS Newsletter. Topics include: What is Domestic Violence?, Profile of a Victim, Profile of an Abuser, Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, Teenage Anger, Dating Relationships, Managing Anger, Codependency, Boundaries, Growth and Forgiveness, The Church’s Responsibility, Developing a Safety Plan, Statistics, and much more. (Permission to photocopy)


TEEN FOCUS contains three basic areas that are foundational to the development of teens as they relate to others and to God. The process of understanding relationships begins with an understanding of the teen’s self-concept. If they are confident in who they are and in their relationship to the Lord, they will have the capacity to make better choices and decisions.
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