Domestic Violence Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & WorkshopsFOCUS Ministries is dedicated to providing comprehensive domestic violence training and support group leadership, as well as domestic violence task force consultation. In addition to guest speaking engagements and special workshops, FOCUS offers professional seminars for individuals, churches, and organizations. These include:

The Other Prolife Movement

  • Ideal for churches and organizations wanting to bring an awareness about the issues of domestic violence to their staff or leadership groups
  • Seminars range from two hours to two days and include material for attendees

Partners in the Journey

FOCUS Ministries offers a certificate program for support group leaders in our Partners in the Journey Seminars. The training includes an extensive training manual that covers all the aspects of starting a support group, the dynamics of support groups, domestic violence training, how to help a victim, and information on how to provide spiritual direction for victims of abuse.

Our training goes beyond the seminars. Our FOCUS support group leaders become part of a Christian community of leaders worldwide and a member of an established organization that has proven itself since 1995.

FOCUS Ministries is dedicated to serving our leaders by:

  • Making them aware of pertinent resources, conferences, and seminars
  • Providing free or discounted resources
  • Providing a platform of communication with other leaders worldwide
  • Offering confidential one-on-one leader consultation regarding areas of concern and problematic issues
  • Ongoing training through our webinars
  • Providing encouragement, support, and spiritual direction
  • Providing prayer support
  • Providing our FOCUS Newsletters for the support group
  • Providing advertisement of support groups on our website.

Faith Based Domestic Violence Certificate Training

FOCUS faith based DV training is a training program designed for those interested in working with domestic violence victims/survivors within the Christian community. Participants can expect to learn the dynamics of domestic abuse and best practices in co-facilitation of groups and/or a role of an advocate.

God delights in restoration of shattered souls. Healing comes by fully understanding the nature and ramifications of abuse. FOCUS believes that following a biblical path of restoration allows God’s grace to touch the heart’s deepest wounds.

Course Description

  • What is Domestic Violence
  • Types of Abuse
  • Cycle of Abuse
  • Profile of an Abuser
  • Signs of Abuse
  • Inside the mind of an Abuser
  • Why Does She Stay
  • Impact of Domestic Violence
  • Effects on Children
  • Teen Abuse
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Counseling
  • Signs He’s Changed
  • Helper versus Rescuers