A Guest Blog

Bride Preparing


Rose petals open gently,


Little by little

A love relationship deepens

Little by little

I learn more of Him

While I share my deepest thoughts with Him

He listens

He leads

He comforts, protects, provides

An intense growing love

A desire to never be apart

A clinging to His every word.


When He is speaking, my focus is on Him

No matter what is going on around me.

My eyes are fixed on Him.

I desire to be with Him and never be apart.

He is no longer a stranger, an occasional acquaintance.


He is mine and I am His.


(Chaplain’s note: Gentle reader, the love of Jesus is far deeper, more satisfying and safer than any other love we may know.  Our anonymous guest blogger has found great contentment and acceptance in the everlasting arms of Jesus.  He is there for you as well.  God bless you today.)

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