Ho Ho Ho Holistic Care

It’s that time of the year again….time to tighten up our Happy Face masks and pretend like everything is fine and hunky dory and nothing to see over here….  

Christmas is supposed to be the time of comfort and joy, and no doubt we are so very thankful for the goodness of God to send Jesus to be a baby and then to grow up to be our Savior.

It was the good plan of God all along for us to celebrate Jesus, but look at what the world has turned it into.  Impossible expectations. Frenzy on top of frenzy to buy the perfect gift.  Greed over greed. At the end of the day, can we even sing The Hallelujah Chorus?

So let’s just sit for a minute and consider Self-Care.  It’s just what chaplains do with everyone at this time of the year.  Our Lord cares about all the parts of us:  physical bodies, our emotions and minds, relationships with others and our connections to Him.

Physical Care – please get enough sleep each night, eight hours if possible.  I know that abuse and trauma messes with our sleep, our dreams, and our rest, but if possible try to get sufficient sleep.  Your body will thank you!

Please try to get outside a little while each day.  A little exercise, fresh air and sunshine will lift your spirits.  Even pray as you walk the dog!  There’s something about being out and about, even noticing nature and the sky will help us get through the hardest circumstances.  Can you tell I’m speaking from experience?

Watch out for too much sugar at this time of the year. Easier said than done, but do be mindful of those Christmas cookies and the fudge.  Try to limit your alcohol consumption, and avoid recreational drugs, including cigarettes.  We are what we eat, and drink, and consume. On the positive side, vitamins and nutritional supplements will help you stay well so you aren’t sitting in the Urgent Care for two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Emotional Care – be kind to your mind. Remember to fix your eyes on Jesus when anxiety, depression or anger come sneaking in.  Notice your moods, identify your feelings, manage your extremes whenever possible.  Cultivate your attitude of gratitude, even if all you can be thankful for is breath and heartbeats.  That’s a good start.  Gratitude increases our hopefulness and we need all the hope we can get these days.  If possible, keep your promises to family and friends.  And if they need a listening ear, give them all your attention (hint, hint…put your phone down).  Be ready to deal with challenges daily – yes, we will have trouble in life, but Jesus has overcome the world and He is there to help you everyday.

Social Care – so many get-togethers, so little time.  Remember, you can choose the best ones for you and your family.  You don’t have to say “yes” to every good activity.  Pray and be wise about your commitments.  Schedule “off time” and just relax.  Even extroverts need a little time to regroup.  Be patient with yourself and others, be kind and practice the Golden Rule.  

Spiritual Care – Commit your quiet time in the morning to prayer and advent devotions and soak in the truth of God’s Word.  Sing Christmas carols and worship the Lord with gladness.  Find true fellowship with other believers who share your faith in our loving Savior.  Love yourself as God loves you.  Lift up your head.  Look up, watch and wait for the Lord Jesus who said, “Surely I am coming quickly.”

God bless you as you practice self-care throughout the Christmas season.  Don’t forget that FOCUS Ministries is here for you and would love to be part of your self-care program.  We offer one to one counseling and prayer, online and in person support groups, and abundant educational articles and resources. 

Contact us at 630.617.0088 or send an email to [email protected]

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