A Guest Post by Amanda

You cut me deep you cut me quick way down to the core
so I weep silently.
I weep for me I weep for you because what you’re doing to me.
How can you say how can you do this to me.
I never thought I’d be here again wondering what will happen to me.
I’ve been tossed her I’ve been tossed there.
Where I will land I don’t always know.
Since we’ve been together I never thought you would want me to go.
You once said you loved, you once were a warm and secure place to grow and now you Cruelly throw me out and tell me to go.
Two loving eyes look up to me while I try to know where we will go.
Heartless and demeaning you’ve been to me.
What happened to what was strong between you and me?
So as I go into the unknown sweet and sour memories go with me as you show me the road. 

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