TEEN FOCUS is Ready for February

Maybe you thought February is all about Valentine’s Day?

Actually February has been designated as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Even though we are still in January (and it has been a long month), we are beginning to look at Teen Dating Violence.  We talked a bit about the statistics last week, and it is terrible out there.  Actually the violence in our teen population is close to epidemic proportions.  

Thankfully, faith-based ministries like FOCUS and organizations like Love is Respect are educating parents and teens as well as building awareness of this danger throughout the month of February and beyond.

Like so many young women today, the older women who sit in our support circles every week also experienced abuse when they were in their teens.  So often as a support group leader I hear these words, “How come no one ever told me thirty (or forty or fifty) years ago when I was a kid that this is abuse?”

FOCUS Ministries is ready to tell teens about abuse, today.

That is why we are reaching out to teens and their parents, youth pastors, homeschool co-ops, Christian high school counselors and anyone who connects with young people with this very relevant good news!  FOCUS Ministries has a full, power-packed curriculum for young women and young men.  

TEEN FOCUS will help the young people learn who they are in Christ, how to identify God’s design for healthy relationships, what are the “red flags” to watch out for in relationships and how to escape from teen dating violence.  

Our young people are under more stress than ever before.  There is so much pressure to conform to the ways of the world.  There is the danger of cyber-bullying and personal security issues.  There is a general lack of joy as they doom-scroll through their socials.  We are happy to remind them that there is Hope in Jesus Christ and He is able to lead teens through the storms of life.

Who Am I – The beginning of the process to understanding relationships, teens will examine themselves through their eyes, others’ eyes, and God’s eyes.  Knowing who they are in the Lord gives them the capacity to make better decisions.

Healthy Relationships God’s Design – Presented with sensitivity to the diversity of family backgrounds and varying levels of health within them, teens will become familiar with the characteristics of true, healthy relationships and then analyze their own relationships in light of this.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness – Likening the road leading toward healthy relationships to that of the freedom of driving a car and the responsibility of choosing wise driving companions, Teen FOCUS will encourage young people to consider “Who’s Behind the Wheel?” of their relationships.  Students will learn to set boundaries and take steps to stop abusive behaviors, not only in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but also among their friends.

Throughout February, we will be looking deeper into teen dating violence.  We have a calling to help and support and walk alongside those who have been hurt by domestic abuse.  We are also called to warn young people about domestic violence and abuse.  In the mighty name of Jesus, let’s work together to educate them, empower them and protect them.


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