A Poem by Guest Blogger, Amanda

Carrying Me

You’ve been carrying me from the last few seasons of my life.

So many tears, heartache, torment, instabilities and unrelenting pain.

They have caused so many days of emotional and spiritual disdain.

I push and pull against You as You try to heal and relieve me of the pain and feelings of disdain.

In Your arms You’ve carried me without me knowing it over so many deep waters from torrential rain.

So I wouldn’t jump down to do it my way and end up drowning in rivers of torrential pain and dismay.

You once again drag me to the shore as I try to let you heal my heart and soul of pain.

And yet again with Your grace You’ve picked me up to carry me in Your loving arms as I fight to push away again.

You then take me by the hand to show me the right path to heal from pain, fear and total dismay.

I’ll try to hold your hand, be by Your side and let you lead the way.

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