Celebrate Baby Steps

I recently underwent total knee replacement surgery during the CPVID-19 pandemic. The “nonessential surgery” became essential as the knee joint deteriorated. Preparation plans changed, sometimes from day to day as COVID rules changed. Miscommunication became the norm. This invisible virus was controlling what I could do and not do. With the completion of the surgery, I settled into the recovery mode.

My initial frustration turned into a fight for my independence and freedom. It was easy to plummet into my pit of slow progress. I soon had to learn to celebrate the baby steps.

Women often get stuck in their feelings of being trapped in a relationship that is creating extreme pain in some form that is destroying their spirit. They don’t see any options but just to suffer the abuse. In actuality there are options to their situation, but it often requires making hard choices, finding resources, and taking action. Sometimes women start down this path to move forward but move into a pattern of start, stop, start, stop. From their view point, they discount the baby steps they have made because they haven’t made leaps of progress.

It is so important to celebrate the baby steps. Baby steps add up to leaps. It takes a great deal of courage to begin the process to move forward and then to keep going. It takes a great deal of strength to endure the abuse. Take that strength and use it to keep yourself moving to toward hope and healing instead of shrinking in fear.

You are not alone in this healing journey. God is there with you preparing the way as he walks alongside you. Watch for signs of His Presence. Let Him carry you when you feel you can’t go on.

     Talk to God

     Realize His Presence

     Use your strength to change the course of your life

     Stand on the foundation of God’s Word and His love for you

     Tell others what God has done for you


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