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Death...Bondage - Life...Freedom

Ann sits in the pew of her church every Sunday morning trying to smile to keep the wounds from her relationship inside her heart from being discovered. Slowly the life within is dying. Dreams have been shattered, and life seems hopeless. Fearful of anyone knowing she clenches her hands together trying not to be anxious.

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What Would Jesus Do?

Set aside the church’s self-prescribed “principles and practices”, and search the living Word to find out what Jesus would do. Here are some things Jesus would not do:

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New Light on a Common DV Perspective

I have been pondering something. Whenever we educate the church about domestic violence, we often note that there is a high possibility that 1 in 4 women in their congregation have or will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Let’s look at this from a different perspective. If we say there are 1 in 4

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A Plea to Pastors

Dear Pastor, Since 1995, FOCUS Ministries, Inc. has been reaching out to women who are struggling in abusive and dysfunctional relationships. Most of them belong to churches like yours.  They sit in the pews on Sunday morning alongside their abusive husband.  Perhaps you are unaware that behind the smiles and handshakes is a secret that

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A Time of Testing

When someone has sinned against us, we must choose our response carefully. We may hear various voices from church leadership claiming to know what we should do. Forgive and forget are often the words they choose to say followed by a forceful push toward reconciliation. This approach places a heavy weight of guilt on the

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Marital Abuse & the Bible

Too often a woman who is in domestic violence is kept in bondage by the misuse and misinterpretation of Scripture. Headship and submission become an issue within churches. Link to this blog and gain new insight.

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Hey, God, You Have a Plan Right?

Watch a TV interview on a new book, Hey, God, You Have a Plan Right? by clicking on the words TV interview on the signs. I recommend this book.

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The Christian Community Must Address DV But How?

There are four major areas the Christian community can begin to address the issue of domestic violence. The first and a must is to educate themselves about DV. Begin with the leadership (pastors, elders, deacons, deaconesses, etc.). Filter the education down to women’s ministry, counselors, leaders of children’s ministry, small groups, Sunday School, recovery groups,

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