Engaged at Christmas – Part 2

In the last post, you were introduced to Eva and Jason who had a whirlwind courtship. They met in July, quickly fell in love, and before Eva had the chance to catch her breath, Jason proposed—in October, three months after they met. Eva was beginning to pick up on a few things, in her spirit but she couldn’t wrap her head around them.

Did you pick up on any red flags as you were reading? I hope so. At the end of the last post, Eva’s best friend Jessica, wanted to know what was going on…

            “Eva! What happened to your ring!?”

            Embarrassed, Eva involuntarily felt for her ring. “Oh, girl, I’m having it cleaned. What do you think about this dress?”

            Ohhkkkay. Jessica thought, knowing Eva was lying. “So, has Jason been keeping his word and attending church with you?”


            “Was that hesitation I heard in your voice? What’s really going on?”

Jessica and Eva were like sisters. They’d grown up together, literally. They’d spent so much time together that they each knew the other well. They looked out for each other and were often each other’s sounding board. They’d always told the truth to each other, no matter what. And they loved each other as if they shared the same blood.

            Eva, still not ready to give in and tell the truth said, “Nothing girl! I’m so excited about our wedding! I’m sure we’ll be able to work out our little differences. I’m confident that we will because we love each other.”

            “Eva—there’s something about him that doesn’t sit right with me. I noticed how he watched every move you made, the night we had dinner at my house. And did you hear him question Brian when he made a simple comment about you and his girl taking the plunge? Brian had to explain that you were like a sister to him. Really, Eva? You don’t see something wrong with that?”

            “Jess, you’re being overly dramatic. Semantics, that’s all that was. Now, you did say that you would be my matron of honor, right?”

“Eva! Are you serious right now!? I told you that there’s something about him that doesn’t sit right with me. Are you hearing me? He seems possessive to me, and didn’t you pick up on what he said when Brian asked him to help with the dishes…oh, and the beer thing?”

“I hear you Jess. I just think you’re over-reacting. What color do you like best? Sea green or mauve?”

Jessica saw that she wasn’t getting through to Eva. Amazed that her best friend was refusing to hear her concerns, she quietly said, “I like the sea green, but Eva, that’s not what’s important right now. I want you to pay close attention to your conversations with Jason and watch his actions.” Her voice became even softer, “Would you do that for me?”

Eva looked at Jessica, tenderly took her hand and said, “I know you only want what’s best for me.”

The next day

            “Jason, are you alright? I’ve left you three voicemails and texts. Call me when you get this, okay?” Eva hadn’t been able to get in touch with Jason for two days. Her next move was to go to his parents’ house.

Jason showed up on her doorstep that night. Happy to see him, she pulled him inside and hugged him then asked, “Where have you been! I’ve been so worried that something happened to you.”

            “I’m a grown man. You have no right to know every move I make.

Eva, shocked at his response, pulled back. Sensing his anger and for the first time feeling afraid of him, confused her. The first thing that came to her mind was the conversation she and Jessica had. “Hmm, what do you mean? I’m not tracking you. I was concerned.”

“Gotcha! Jason said, smiling. “You should know where I am and that I’m okay. That was just a test, and you passed it.” With that, he walked past her and headed straight for the kitchen. She followed him. He sat at the head of the table and pulled her into his lap. “What’s my beautiful fiance’ have ready for dinner?”

She smiled, concealing fear. I’m over-reacting, she thought to herself. Smiling she said, “baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.”

With her still sitting on his lap, he abruptly stood, dumping her to the floor. Looking down at her scathingly, he said in a low menacing voice, “you know I don’t like chicken. How many times do I have to tell you that!? If you really cared about me, you would have listened when I told you that.” He stepped over her. “Get up and take me home!”

She was so shocked that she couldn’t stand up. What just happened? The sweet man she knew had turned into someone she never wanted to know. He said he loved my baked chicken two weeks ago.

“Jessica!” he shouted, “come on!”

She got up, grabbed her keys from the rack on the wall by the door, and drove him home.

After dropping him off, she went directly to Jessica’s house after taking Jason home, ignoring his repeated attempts to reach her. Through tears and angst, she said, “Jess, you were right. Something is going on with Jason. I saw another side of him that scared me.” She felt sick. All of the wedding plans and money she’d already spent was simply going to be a waste.

“C’mon in Eva. Let’s have a cup of tea and talk like we used to do.”

“Is Jason here?”

“No, he’s working over-time.”

“Okay.” Jessica took off her shoes and curled up with a pillow in the light blue vintage Lazy-Boy recliner. She was soothed by the soft cushions that enveloped her, making her feel safe. Something she desperately needed to feel. Taking a deep breath and after a sip of tea she was ready to talk. She felt as if someone else was relaying what had happened. With tears streaming down her face and in a flat monotone voice, she began telling her best friend what she’d experienced. By the time she’d finished she was emotionally and physically drained. She felt like a wet noodle. Just then her phone vibrated indicating there was a message, which she put it on speaker.

“Eva, I’m so sorry. I’m going through so much right now. I love you. I don’t want to live without you. Please forgive me. Please. I need you!”

Eva and Jessica looked at each other. “Jess, do you think he’s really sorry and that he would be a different person if he wasn’t under so much stress? Did you hear how contrite he sounded? He really is sorry. Maybe I could have handled the entire situation differently and he wouldn’t have gotten mad? I mean…everyone deserves a second chance, right”

Emphatically Jessica replied, “No.”

Eva’s phone began ringing incessantly—back to back to back. She ignored the calls, at first.

Putting the phone on speaker, again, they listened. “Hello.”

“Eva! I finally got you. Oh, honey are you alright? I’m so worried about you! Did you get my message? Can you come back over, and talk?” The sound of his voice gave Eva pause. She was so confused. She loved him and he loved her, didn’t he?

Eva was looking at Jessica mouth the word Nnnnoooo!

Jessica didn’t know what to say or do. As she stood to put her shoes on the told Jason she’d be at his house in 20 minutes.

“Eva, you are not going over there, right!”

“I love him Jess. We just need to get a good understanding. I’m not going to run away after the first argument. I just need a thicker skin. I’m too sensitive.”

“Eva, please, don’t go over there.”

Eva’s phone rang again. It was Jason.

“How close are you, can you bring a bottle of wine, please. I think after we talk, we’ll have cause for celebration.”


What should Eva do?  

Stay tuned for the conclusion in Part 3.                         Yvonne Cole

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