Little Wife’s Public “Service” Announcement

The basement of Big Man’s farmhouse was very dark and very damp. Spiders, centipedes and creepy crawlers ruled in this part of the grim home, but even still, Little Wife felt safer here than in any other part of the house. Curled up down here on the cold cement slab, she could hear and not be seen. She was already quite little and growing smaller day by day, but in this subterranean kingdom, Little Wife was the biggest living creature.

Little Wife hid down in the basement whenever she knew Big Man was on his way home from his golfing adventures, his important business meetings and the social events with his friends. She would scamper down the rickety stairs as fast as her little legs would carry her, run to her favorite corner and then she would listen and wait. From this black hole in the universe, Little Wife could hear all movements above her. His heavy feet stomping at the front door and kicking it in, his giant steps throughout the house, finally climbing and clunking up the stairs to his private chambers — all the sounds echoed down into the basement where Little Wife hid and waited…in her shame.

Her shame burned on her face. Hot embarrassing moments, the memories of what he had done with her in these past few years, all the public places where he had requested that she “service” him.

Of course, those weren’t his words….but that’s what it was to Little Wife. He would call it the “all-consuming passion” or the “desperate need” or the “Great Loving Moment”, but in the heart of Little Wife, it was just “service”.

So long ago, when they were courting, Little Wife learned that public “service” was very important to Big Man. She complied as nicely as she could so that Big Man would be happy with her. There were so many public places where he could be “serviced” and Little Wife became adept and as discreet as she could be, still allowing him his voyeuristic pleasures.


But she knew it wasn’t right.

And she hated it.

There were so many parks where they walked with the sleeping bag tucked under Big Man’s arm. In broad daylight with families picnicking and children playing soccer under the hot summer sun, there would be Little Wife “servicing” Big Man under the covers.

They explored public forest areas and each other’s anatomies, with young students and teachers having their own nature lessons just over the hill. Big Man behind a tree with Little Wife, pressing urgently against her as hikers hiked and chatted happily on the nearby trails.

His celebratory joy overflowed near a peaceful lake just after dawn on the morning that Little Wife had her early mammogram. Big Man was so very relieved that she was a lump-free Little Wife, and he needed so much “servicing” that morning, oblivious and regardless of the nearby fishermen on the docks and in their rowboats.

The profound hot shame of Little Wife was soothed in the cold, damp and dark basement. If only she could stay here forever, out of sight and out of mind. Able to listen to all that was happening upstairs in the world above her, to pray and ask God in Heaven for mercy, and to never be available to “service” Big Man again.


Does the shame of sexual abuse drive you to a dark place? Sexual abuse deeply wounds our souls, but Jesus is the Great Healer. If you have been abused in this way or any other way, please seek help. FOCUS Ministries is a Judgement Free Zone. We will listen.

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