Little Wife is Stalked

“That was him, I know it was him,” Little Wife whispered to herself.  She peeked into the rear view mirror of her rental car to catch another look at the car that had just passed her by.  Big Man had mysteriously appeared at the scene of the car crash two days before.  Her phone showed multiple calls from his number and also a number she and her phone didn’t recognize.

She drove very carefully to her volunteer worksite.  She was still very shook up about the accident the other day.  How did she not see the Ford Escape SUV she had rammed into?  How did Big Man suddenly show up at the scene of the accident?  It had been over a week since her own escape from the grip of Big Man. She had told nobody where she was staying (because she never really knew for sure).  And yet, there he was, growling and threatening her in the presence of the town police.

Little Wife was thankful for friends who helped her after the accident.  The police report, the notification to the insurance company, the follow-up to the car rental agency – it all went like clockwork, everything fell into place in perfect timing and she knew that the Lord was with her, watching over her, protecting her and providing all that she needed in these stressful days after the escape from Big Man.

And yet, hearing his voice and seeing his angry face was so very disturbing to Little Wife.  He was still able to intimidate her and scare her, and he knew it.  She could still hear his taunt at the accident scene, “I’m not done with you, Little Wife.”  What did that even mean?

She parked near her volunteer worksite where she was able to use the computers and copiers, so important in her job search.  She opened the car door slowly glancing up and down the street, hoping that she could walk to the office without any trouble.  She was still quite a small Little Wife and worried about things.

She carefully crossed the street, and then she saw Big Man’s stone cold face in the speeding silver car.  She tripped, stumbled and then jumped up on the curb, just as he sped by, driving so fast that the air whistled.  Little Wife gave a little scream of panic and ran into the office where she hoped she would be safe.  Office workers glanced up at her as she dashed to the back of the office with no hello’s or how are you’s.  When she could catch her breath, she called out to her fellow-volunteer friends, “Don’t tell him I’m here.  Please don’t tell him anything.”

As Little Wife stood in a corner in the back of the office, shaking and crying, the front door of the office opened and she heard the voice of Big Man say, “Where is my Little Wife?  I know she’s here.”

“Oh no, Mr. Big Man, we have not seen her yet this morning.  We are very busy today, but she has not come into the office yet today.”  Even though Little Wife could not see the receptionist, she knew she would be wearing her “all business” face. “Goodbye, sir.  Have a nice day.”  Little Wife heard the front door open, close and then silence.

She ran out to the receptionist, tears running down her cheeks.  “Thank you, Millie, thank you.  You are so brave.  I am so scared.  He is following me wherever I go.  He won’t leave me alone.”  Little Wife crumpled into a chair sobbing.  “What will I do?  Where will I go? He knows where I am all the time.”

Millie put her arm around Little Wife and walked with her to the coffee room.  “I will help you get an order of protection against this Big Man.  There’s a special order against stalking in our county.  He won’t get away with this.”

Little Wife sat down with Millie for about an hour, trying to remember every time in the past few days when she had spotted Big Man following her or sneaking up behind her or calling or texting her.  They wrote it all down with lots of details.  “Do you have video evidence of this man stalking you?” asked Millie firmly.

“No, Millie,” answered Little Wife quietly.  “The camera on my phone doesn’t work.”

“That’s okay, we have quite a bit of documentation here.  Let’s go to the courthouse in my car. We will speak with the court advocates about helping us with a petition.  They will go with us into the courtroom to see the judge. I know you are scared, my friend, but I’ll be with you.  It will be okay.”


Chaplain’s Note:  Stalking is extremely fearful and a common form of intimidation after a woman has left her abusive husband.  Stalking is abuse. Stalking is against the law. When the judge grants a stalking order and it is served to the stalker, he must abide by the details.  If he breaks the order and stalks the woman anyway, he will be charged with a misdemeanor.  If the abuser breaks the stalking order of protection a second time, he will be charged with a felony offense and will immediately serve time in jail.

What a comfort to know that our Lord watches over us even after we have left the abuser!  God sees our plight and He is moving to protect us.  He will use friends, co-workers, the police and the judicial system to keep us safe.  He is our refuge and strength, a strong tower where we can run in and be safe. Jesus loves you and has a much better plan for your life.

“For He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.  He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and buckler.  You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.”  Psalm 91:3-6


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