The FOCUS Ministries Chaplain has Arrived.

FOCUS Ministries is blessed to announce Chaplain Natalie Frame has joined the staff.   I am honored to be the first FOCUS Ministries chaplain, and it is truly a joy and a privilege to serve in this way.  Please allow me to introduce myself and answer a few FAQ’s.

First of all, I am so thankful to be working with FOCUS Ministries.  This is a long-awaited answer to prayer for me.  I am licensed and ordained by the International Fellowship of Chaplains, an organization headquartered in Temple, TX.  I’ve worn several hats over the years, but this one fits the best.  

I first became acquainted with FOCUS Ministries during the later stages of an abusive marriage.  The counseling I received at that time gave me the courage and faith to take my children and escape from the abuse and to start a new peaceful life.  What a relief to know that I was not alone — there were other women who understood my plight.  What joy to stop walking on eggshells everyday — all thanks and praise to Jesus Christ for His great loving care to our family during those early days.  There were miracles on miracles, a million little miracles as the song goes…

After the children and I were settled in our new home and with an income and independence, the Lord led me to take the Partners in the Journey training offered twice a year by FOCUS Ministries.  In those two days I learned so much more about domestic violence and the importance of finding support no matter where we are on the abuse spectrum.  The workshop taught me the basics of facilitating a FOCUS Ministries support group.  I often looked to the Lord, shaking my head that He would even consider me as a support group leader.  “Me? Seriously, Lord?  How could I possibly help other women when it seems that I’m such a mess myself?”

But God is good.  After a year of prayerful waiting, my co-leader and I began a support group at our local church.  Honestly, we didn’t quite know what to expect!  Would anyone join us in the circle?  Who would dare to come to a support group that might anger their husbands if their husbands found out?  Would we be safe ourselves?  How would co-leading a support group impact my own recovery from abuse?  Would it help or would it bring up memories that I’d rather leave buried?  

Thankfully God knew the answers to all of my questions, He has been faithful and I can happily report that we have begun our seventh season of ministry leading a support group that averages six women in attendance every other week.  It was during the early days of our support group that God laid it on my heart to seek Chaplaincy and then, of course, because He is faithful, He provided a way for me to attend the IFOC training in 2018.

So you may be asking yourself, “What is a chaplain? Are you the same as a pastor or a minister?  What does a chaplain do all day long?  How can I get some help for my own bad situation? How much do you charge for your services?”

All good questions!

Indeed, a chaplain is like a pastor.  We may be called to give a message, to pray with people, to give spiritual counsel, to come alongside and sit quietly, perform weddings and funerals or to support in other ways.  Pastors have their flocks within a church setting — as chaplains, we have the blessing of caring for everyone else. 

Chaplains work in prisons, hospitals, police/fire departments, military units or nursing homes.  You will find a chaplain in places where there is a great need to be met.  I have even been called The Rolling Chaplain for the kingdom work I’ve done as a rideshare driver!  We are listeners, and flexible people with a passion for helping people in distress and a love of sharing the Gospel which can save souls by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Thanks to the generous financial support of our donors, there is no charge for the counseling services that we provide.  

Finally, how can I help you?

If you need someone to listen to your difficult story…

If you need someone to affirm what you are feeling…

If you need someone to pray with you…

If you need someone to help you find faith in a loving God…

If you need help navigating the Bible…

If you need someone to help you connect to community resources…

If you want to know more about Jesus…

If you need someone to tell you that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life even if you can’t see it right now….

Please call the FOCUS Ministries office number.  Here it is right here. 

(630) 617-0088   

I would love to spend time with you in person, on the phone, even on a video chat if that’s your best.  FOCUS Ministries understands the importance of confidentiality and all conversations are held in deep trust. 

Is it time to call the chaplain?






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  1. Congratulations. Just buried my husband of 21 yrs who was a trauma chaplain in hospital settings. I so wanted him to take up my plight helping women in faith community. I 100% support your efforts and will keep in my resource notes.

  2. Diana, thank you and my deepest sympathy at the loss of your dear husband. Chaplaincy is a blessing and a high calling. God bless you.

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