Excited But Hesitant About Ministry

I learned that there are no support groups available for women of faith in my area. I also learned that most of the focus of the support groups which are currently running is on advocacy, education, and how to become independent in order to move on with life. Although these things are important, I couldn’t help but wonder why healing, hope and forgiveness are not addressed and how much more effective, supportive and encouraging these groups could be if they were Christian based. Beginning and ending in prayer and offering peace and hope through Jesus and scripture.

This is an issue that is very near my heart. And going in to this I want to make sure it is clear to all that I am not a therapist, counselor or pastor. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have compassion and understanding. I myself am a domestic violence survivor who not only found hope, healing and peace through Jesus, but also a true forgiveness and love for my ex-husband who was my abuser for 8 years.

I am excited yet hesitant about this ministry. I have never done anything like this and although my heart is there, I want to make sure that this ministry meets it’s goals of providing a friendly and safe atmosphere where there’s hope, healing and forgiveness along with awareness. I am looking forward to getting your leaders book and getting more direction from that. Please keep this ministry and me in your prayers. Any thoughts, ideas or help would be appreciated as I think it’s very important for all domestic violence organizations to support and encourage this new ministry.
Excited but Hesitant

Dear Excited but Hesitant:

I am so glad to hear that you share the passion we have to have a Christian support group for women who have experienced domestic violence and to educate those around you. None of us have all the answers no matter how long one has been in the ministry, but God does. This way we rely heavily on him to give us the wisdom and discernment to guide others. He gets all the glory and that is the way it should be.

Often God calls us way out of our comfort zone. He is looking for a willing vessel not a know it all. So as you take this step into ministry, God will stretch your faith and trust in him. It will not be an easy road, but it is exciting to see what God will do. It is okay to be scared. It is also okay to fail at times. God’s grace covers it all.

Start with prayer asking for God’s leading
Build a team of people who share your passion
Attend our Train the Trainer seminar which will assist you in starting a support group
Become a FOCUS support group to have ongoing assistance and support

God uses a willing servant who passionately follows Him.

FOCUS Ministries

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  1. You might not be a therapist, or counselor but I would rather be counseled through Gods love and understanding, for he is the all powerful God and is the Creator of all. Without God there wouldn’t be any therapist, or counselors. You have street experience that’s make you very qualified because you know just what it feels like and are best at identify with their needs. Just follow your heart and God will do the rest. God Bless You

  2. I’m sorry you haven’t found a Support Group in your area. What part of the country do you live? I drive 3 hours round trip once a week to get to a Christian Support Group in Seattle. I heard about it on the Christian Radio Station through Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey. The group is run by http://www.NWFamilylife.org

  3. I escaped an abusive husband 10 yrs ago. As a Christian, I couldn’t face a divorce. But he was put in jail, & was so angry about it, he filed for a divorce when he got out. Due to a restraining order, I have never seen him again. I praise the Lord my God for His safety & protection. He is truly the Husband to the Husbandless. He has helped me heal. It is as though someone else endured the 22 years of fear. I have peace in Him.

  4. Peggy, I appreciate your post. I’m sorry you’ve gone through so much. Your story gives me hope that God truly does continue to heal & hopefully I will feel more healed in the future as you do. What has been the most healing to me in this journey has been other women (like you) who’ve made it farther along than me & have reached out to encourage us.

  5. I understand completely how you feel. God has called me to help women who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. This draw to ministry started for me when I couldn’t find a support group but knew others with the same need. After leading groups for three years, I am starting to write articles and even a Bible study. God has an amazing way of turning our lives right-side out!

  6. I am trying to find at least an online group. Do you know of any? How do I get started on beginning a support group in my area?

  7. Tina, there is a private online group on facebook: Broken But Beautiful. If you go to the Broken AND Beautiful site & ask Kathleen if you can join the private Broken BUT Beautiful group, she’ll include you. I like that it is private so outsiders can’t see what we post 🙂

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