What Wrapping is on Your Package of God?

Women in destructive relationships struggle with many issues. Trust is one of them. Deception, lies, and control have eroded away the intimacy of the partnership. This lack of trust can also affect their faith in God. “If I cannot trust my partner who I can see, how can I trust God who I cannot see?” is a question on their minds.

Since they cannot fix their relationship, they often possess a fear that God will look at them as a failure, withdraw His love, and abandon them.

This causes women to lose hope. Depression and despair encompass them. During these times of crisis, they will either run to God anyway falling into His arms experiencing His grace and love or they will create a wall of distance asking , “How could a loving God let this happen?” Their decision is often based on their concept of God that has been formed by their experiences over time.

Generally four basic concepts of God are below the surface of women’s stories. Imprinted on  their heart may be a combination of more than one viewpoint depending on the circumstances at the time.

Hell, Fire, and Brimstone God

  • A God who condemns
  • A raging God who waits for me to slip up and zap me
  • A God who treats me as a puppet pulling my strings and taking away my freedom of choice
  • A God who chooses whether to give me a good or bad day.

The Genie God

  • A God who grants three wishes when I rub the lamp
  • A God who comes at my command when I want Him to and does what I want
  • A God who grants all my desires when I petition Him in prayer
  • A God who makes my life work according to my plans

The Slot Machine God

  • I put my great works in the slot and pull the handle, and blessings pour out.
  • God is supposed to bless me for all the great things I have done for Him.

Jack-in-the-Box God

  • I only let God out when I need His help
  • I stuff Him back in the box and take over control of my life until the next time something goes wrong.

In three out of the four concepts of God we maintain control and lose sight of the sovereignty of God. God desires for us to truly know Him. It is in knowing  Jesus, His son, that the glory of the Lord is revealed.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

John 1:14 NIV

Paula Silva  © 2008 FOCUS Ministries, Inc.

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